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About Us

Here at Live, Grow & C, we believe & practice mindfulness and productivity by exploring the 5 Dimensions of Personal Wellness:

 Physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, & social well being

Through this exploration we cultivate balance, harmony, and natural flow within our lives, allowing us to find the true meaning of beauty in life. 



Welcome to the Live, Grow & C Family! I am so happy to have you here! 

My name is Celina Rosa, and I am a 19 year old creative soul & spirit! 

I have spent most of my early life cultivating my own sense of self worth, self love, and abundance by taking a deep dive into my mental, physical, spiritual, and soulful self, and unlocking the true purpose for my very existence. 

With all that I had learned, I started my journey to cultivating the life I had always pictured for myself, and found that the more I tended to and took care, & action in each dimension of my life, the closer & closer I came to completely stepping into my most authentic self & living my most authentic life! 

Now, as I continue to venture down my own path, I hope to share my stories, and experiences, with like minded individuals who want to create the best life for themselves that they possibly can, as well learning new things about myself & others along the way! 

So, if that sounds like the type of life you are looking to create for yourself, I hope that you stick around & join me on this wonderful journey we like to call life! 

With love,

Celina Rosa 

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