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5 Layer Fall Outfit

Autumn is in bloom, which means one thing and one thing only; sweater weather ๐Ÿ‚ Sweater weather can be described as the perfect blend of cool breezes, and dim sunshine which obviously call for a few extra layers to keep warm. So, in the spirit of staying warm this fall and my love for fashion, I wanted to share my 5 Layer Fall Outfit Guide, in hopes it will ease some of the stress when preparing for the outside world this fall. Let's get into it!

What exactly is a 5 Layer Fall Outfit?

Good question! A 5 Layer Fall Outfit, is an outfit complied of five individual layers or pieces of clothing, which you layer upon layer for the fall season. These layers can consist of any garments you would like to incorporate but will follow a chronological or complied structure nonetheless.

Layer 1: The Base ๐Ÿ‘–

When I get dressed in the morning, the first item of clothing I always start off with is a pair of pants. I know it might sound odd but trust me, bottoms are the foundation to a good layering.

Choose the bottom of your choice to be the stand-alone or base of the outfit, whether it be a dress, skirt, pants, or shorts.

Layer 2: Undergarments

This step might seem out of order as one usually puts on undergarments before they begin getting fully dressed, however, the undergarments I am referring to in this particular step are the undershirt or occasional t-shirt or cami. Keep in mind, that although this cami will be underneath a couple of extra layers, it can still be visible to the naked eye, so don't just throw on any old t-shirt. What's underneath matters here! ๐Ÿ˜‰


If you choose to pick a solid color for this particular layer, make sure to add patterns for the next, or vise versa.

Layer 3: The Overshirt

For Autumn, I am very particular about what kind of tops I choose to wear. We often see oversized, fluffy sweaters taking over the clothing racks during this time of year, but don't be intimidated! Even a lightweight, cotton pullover like the one at the right, or a lightweight blazer (to the left) can be the perfect fit for "sweater weather"๐Ÿ!


During this season, I tend to choose sweaters that flow with my body shape. Meaning, sweaters that are a size larger, in order to give my body some type of rhyme or flow, without being so huge they engulf me.

Layer 4: Accessories ๐Ÿ’

Yes! Accessories are an important layer to an outfit! Items that I typically use during this phase of outfit layering, include belts, purses, hairpieces, and jewelry!

One of my all-time favorite things to do when layering an outfit is to add extra layers within the accessories. Sometimes adding a

scarf with a chain can add an extra dimension to the outfit, making the colors pop! Other times I layer the jewelry within itself, wearing multiple chains or rings.


Sometimes you can go overboard with the accessories at this point, but that is something you want to avoid. Opt for accessories that are minimalistic if you want to layer them, or alternatively choose one stand-alone piece to center your outfit around.

Tip 2:

I also like to match colors when using accessories, by incorporating the warmth or coolness of tones throughout my outfit in the color jewelry I wear (picture below). Matching the colors or patterns of a belt with a purse is also an example of this (outfit on the left).

Layer 5: Shoes

Did someone say boots?๐Ÿ‘ข Fall is the perfect time to start taking out those precious boots of yours whether they are your standard Timberland or even Doc Martens. I like to keep colors consistent throughout my outfit by choosing one color from the set to match with the shoes I am wearing, or even match with the color of my belt and purpose.

You can wear printed shoes, as long as they blend well with the color scheme of the rest of the outfit.

A Few Things to Note:

Color Scheme:

Autumn is known for its warm color scheme like the one provided below (to the left), so make sure to keep in mind the contrast of colors when creating an outfit, and rather pick colors that flow seamlessly than colors that clash.


Patterns matter just as much as colors in this case. Watch out for two many contrasting patterns by making sure to keep the same colors consistent throughout patterns you use in your outfit. The picture on the right shows pieces that mesh well together as there is a solid colored item below, creating a seamless contrast with the pattern above it.


You will want the outfit layers to flow into each other as you add each new dimension to the outfit. To make sure you have dimension, create a contrast between the fabrics and size of the garments you are putting on. For example, if you are wearing bootcut jeans, make sure you wear boots, or heels that fit within the hem of the jeans, to avoid an awkward overflow of fabrics.


You could always tuck pieces into others to give more dimension and flow to an outfit as well!


Here is some style inspiration to get you started on your very own 5 Layer Fall Outfit!

Let me know how it goes! ๐Ÿ’•

- Celina

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