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Alphabet Soup 🍲

Recently while reflecting on how I had been feeling, I stumbled upon the realization that life for me began to shift from its constant everyday struggle between accepting the difference who I was and who I wanted to become, to rather, a constant trust and confidence in who I am. This got me thinking about where the credit was due in such a continental shift within my own body, mind and soul. The first idea that came to mind was simply the creation of a loving environment.

Let me break it down for you.

We all have different ideas of what love means, but on a simpler scale for the sake of this exercise, loving can be see as a feeling, emotion or reaction in the atmosphere or within your very own self, that brings the sense of calm, happiness, trust and safety.

When we take into account the second word of the phrase, environment, we understand that this is typically seen as the place we are currently in, whether it be a metaphysical, physical or mental one, and the people and objects that hold great significance in this space. The most important however, being the self.

Throughout my journey, I have tried many exercises to help me reach this safe, secure and loving place to live a more confident and carefree style of life, however the exercise at hand today as aforementioned in the title, is a style of self reflection or self love, that I like to call Alphabet Soup🍲 .

I stumped across this idea of Alphabet Soup through the book, Creating Affluence: The A -to- Z Steps to a Richer Life by Deepak Chopra. Through this book, Chopra teaches a simple but effective alphabet (A through Z) of affirmations or phrases to be repeated daily. With the repetition of these phrases will come the appearance of their reality throughout your daily life, which inspired me to create my own personal Alphabet Soup, to get even more nitty gritty when taking the pen of my life into my hands and taking back control of the story of my life. So without further ado, stick along for a short guide on how to get started creating your very own Alphabet Soup and stick around for a free copy of my Alphabet Soup affirmations at the end of this post! Let’s get into it!

Making Your Soup

When creating your own Alphabet Soup the first step is to brainstorm the ultimate theme of your alphabet. Do you want the alphabet to be a collection of affirmations reflecting on all the things you are grateful for in your life, or do you want to create affirmations to begin the process of manifesting the life you want to obtain? 📝

When creating my alphabet, I went with the basic theme of self love affirmations. Each letter, I would chose a phrase, or affirmation that included a word starting with the respective letter, noting something that I loved about myself.

For example, for the letter C, I reflected on the value of compassion that I hold very close to my heart. So I decided to go with the affirmation; I am a compassionate soul who is fearless in showing her love and sympathy for others.


Now you that you have chosen a theme, what comes next? Well, here are a few tips and tricks to help you start drafting!

Tips and tricks

Some tips that help determine how effective this exercise will be for you are the following:

1 Avoid the use negatives ⛔🚫

Using negative words will only stifle the positive vibrations you are trying to bring into your life through these affirmations. So rather than saying: I am not afraid, simply change the phrase to, I am fearless. In some occasions, as you will see throughout my example, there is no other way to form your affirmations than by using the word no, so in those cases, try your best!

2 – Perspective

This tip ultimately depends on what sounds better to you as an indivisible and what works best for you, however, the tip has to do with the perceptive from which the affirmations are written in. Some people find that when using, "I am" affirmations they have a stronger sense of connection and truth when repeating the affirmation. Others find it more effective to affirm in the third person, as if they are an outsider of their own body looking in on their own life, seeing this version of themselves manifesting. Try a combination of the two if you are unsure of which one works best for you until you find your niche.

3 – This should be fun 🎉

This is the last but most important tip of them all! And it is simply the reminder that this exercise should be fun, so don’t get too caught up on whether your affirmations become too specific or aren’t specific enough. Simply saying, I am enough, is in fact enough!

Final Note

Now that we’ve gone over the basics to writing your very own Alphabet Soup, including choosing and sticking to a strong a theme throughout, detaching from negative nouns or phrases and honing in on which perspective your affirmations feel most powerful, it is time that I send you off to create your very own Alphabet Soup.

So sit back, get out a pen and paper, and maybe even a cozy blanket and socks, and get to writing. Who knows, maybe next time you’ll be singing with me 😉!


- Celina

As promised, here is a pdf copy of my Alphabet Soup! Since I am sharing my affirmations with you all, don’t be afraid to reach me via the comments (if you sign up to become a community member) or my social medias which I will link down below ⬇

Also, if you’d like to check out the book by Deepak Chopra, mentioned earlier in the post here is a link with more information on it!


For more about the author check out this short video or visit the about page 📝

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