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Balance In The Day to Day

Finding balance in life seems like it should be an easy task. After all, it is simply the act of prioritizing activities & events that have set deadlines and then filling in your extra time with things you’d like to do.

That is, if you ever find extra time.

If this sounds all too familiar, know that you are not alone in this ongoing search for balance.

However, balance is not something that is magically found or stumbled upon on a good day as opposed to a bad.

Balance is created, cultivated, and built upon. It is something that must be worked on, as situations and circumstances in life change over time, but once you are able to find this balance, it’s easier to reclaim it once again.

So, how does one find balance in the day to day?

Let me show you!

Finding Balance

Balance can be defined in a multitude of different fashions depending on the context of the word; however, my favorite definition describes it as a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance.

I prefer this definition to the others in this context, because when on the path to cultivating balance within your life, the most important action you can take, is to prioritize!

Prioritizing what you deem important in life, over what you find to be of least interest.

Step 1

Start by creating a list of all your daily endeavors, and categorizing them in three groups; Important, unimportant, and musts.

Under important, write down all the activities you take part in everyday that you thoroughly enjoy, and activities you wish you could “find” the time for.

Under unimportant, write down all the things in life that take up your extra time, but that you often find are unnecessary, or distracting. Like scrolling through your Instagram feed first thing in the morning for instance.

And trust me, I understand that some things in life must be done regardless of whether you want to do them or not, like cleaning the dishes, taking the garbage out or any other household chore, however, these things should not stop you from prioritizing other activities you enjoy as well!

This is where the must category comes in.

Write down all the activities you must partake in at home, the office, or in general, that usually happen on a day to day or weekly basis.

Step 2

Once you have you categorized, it’s time to start dialing back on your day-to-day schedule.

Take notice when you are spending extra time on completely nonsensical tasks that don’t serve your time, energy or money.

As you begin to take note of these moments, start stepping away from them, and instead try using that time to do something more energy effective. Even if that means, taking a 10-minute mindful break, mediating in a quiet space alone, or starting a creative project you have had running through your mind, but didn’t find the time before to start.

And as small as those 10 minutes may seem, just those 10 minutes can spent doing something for yourself and your soul, rather than 10 minutes you spent wasting. will not only raise your vibrations, but it will change the energies and emotions around you.

Step 3

Now that you have cleared your schedule from unwanted and unnecessary time & energy killers, its time to create balance between the things you must tend to and what you deem important.

Instead of having the all or nothing approach, delegate time out for the things you know you must take care of, spreading tasks throughout the week or the day, so you don’t get so caught up in doing everything at once, and leaving no time or energy left to even think about doing something you wanted to.

This will not only give you the time to get everything done, but it will start to show you just how much time you have in a given day, to not only cross tasks off your to-do list, but also have fun!


Lastly, know that it takes time. Finding your perfect recipe or routine of balance will take time and lots of trial & error.

Sometimes you might find yourself flowing through the week with ease, getting in time for all your musts, and all your hobbies, while others you might find yourself spending way too much time on one than the other, but the most important thing to remember is, that its okay!

Its all part of the journey and the true meaning on cultivating balance. For, even when you aren’t 100% leveled on your own scale everyday of your life, you wont ever be so far off the scale that you can't make it back, because it is in our DNA to follow nature and find our footing once again.


If you would like some one-on-one coaching on how to restructure your daily routine to find the perfect flow of balance throughout your week, don’t be afraid to reach out to me, and we can get you started on your very own scheduled workflow.

And as always, feel free to share this post with anyone who needs a little tip to their scale!


Celina 💕

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