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Healthy Habits Swaps

Every single morning, I start my day off with a regimented morning routine, setting the tone for what kind of day I want to have.

Although, with this routine in place, I find it much easier to flow through the day freely, rather than getting caught up in all the little things that could possibly go wrong, and instead, feel ready and open to take on whatever life throws at me, I do find that by introducing healthy habits at different times & stages throughout my day, this sense of readiness and its benefits, becomes even more effective.

So, today I wanted to share with you all, some Healthy Habit Swaps I have included in my everyday life, which have helped me achieve a more concrete and productive lifestyle.

1. Books VS. Media

This might be something you often hear come up when talking about creating a more productive lifestyle. The idea that spending as much time away from your phone, and instead being present in every given moment, is the most optimal way to live a productive life.

However, getting rid of all your electronic devices is not the saving grace.

Rather than completely shutting out media from my life, I like to cut short the time that I spend on media outlets - as I usually use the internet as a means of collecting information & learning new skills and concepts - and instead spending that time researching elsewhere.

Where exactly do I get my information from then? Books I tell you!

I know that not everyone has access to a plethora of encyclopedias and other books illustrating research studies, however, with the books I do have, and the ones I venture out to find, I have found that I not only focus more when physically searching for the information I am in need of, but I also open my eyes to new ideas and information I would not have found if I was on the internet listening to other people’s opinions.

Of course, books can be biased as well, but that is why I search for the cold, hard, facts!

2. Look & Listen

Seems simple, doesn't it?

Looking and listening to the environment in which you inhabit.

However, I have found in my experience that most of the time, we usually do not pay half as much attention to what is going on in the world around us as we think we do.

We fill our lives with video after video, never really taking the time to listen in on the noise of the true world.

So, rather than spending every moment of my every day, listening to music, podcasts, and other forms of entertainment, I like to dedicate at least an hour of silence during my day.

This usually happens when I am at the table eating, during each of my meals, as I like to be fully present in the moment, and fully taste, enjoy, and feel the experience at hand.

You do not have to completely shut out entertainment from your life, but the more you listen to the silence, the more you will be able to grasp when you do turn those headphones back on.

3. Show me your hands!

This one has a funny title, but it is something that I try to remind myself as often as possible.

During the day, we tend to get caught up in all the noise and business we need to take care of, and when given the chance to finally sit down & relax, we occupy that time with mindless actions, like scrolling through our emails, or doing some other mindless task on our phones.

I did this way too often, and I knew that I had to cut the chord on this as soon as possible!

So, I decided to give my hands a different kind of exercise, as I learned that my incessant nature of scrolling was due to the uncontrollable urge I had, to use my hands.

In these moments, I now try to find balance between enjoying an activity that does not take too much effort, but that also stimulates my need to work.

And whether that means playing the guitar, reading, drawing, or writing, I like to keep my hands busy, and my mind free from over consumption.

4. Time Away

Now, when we think about the environments in which we work in, we sometimes do not stop to think about how each space we inhabit, affects us and our consciousness.

However, where we work and where we rest our heads has a significant effect on the quality of our everyday lives.

So, not only do I try to make each space, whether its the space I set aside for enjoyment or my space to get work done, into a space that feels comfortable & tactical for its given purpose. Something I highlight in a previous blog post!

What I wanted to highlight today rather, is that along with this idea, I also like to separate the spaces that which I enjoy down time and that which I work in & around.

Meaning, I simply get up from place to place or room to room rather, while I am at home working, to keep my mind stimulated and my body moving.

Moving and stimulated in the sense that when I sit on the coach with my notebooks and teacup in hand, my body knows it is time to rest, and when I pull up my chair, sit erect, and begin typing on my keyboard, my body knows its time to focus.

5. Talk it out!

This last one is completely optional and will depend on how you like to approach life.

However, it is none the less a habit I have found not only helpful, but relaxing as well!

This habit, is to talk out whatever is going on in my head, aloud to myself!

Crazy, I know, but brilliant indeed!

Sometimes, I find that by talking to others about my situations or what is racking my brain, I feel understood and supported. However, there is not always someone there to talk to at every given moment of everyday, so rather than holding out and keeping all my emotions and thoughts in until I burst at the seams, I like to turn on my recorder, sit in front of the mirror, and talk to myself.

I get everything off my chest and do not have to worry about being judged or misunderstood, as I am the most familiar with my own thought patterns and emotions.

If this sounds a little too far fetched for you, you could always start a journal and write your feelings out there.

Whether it be in a letter form to yourself or a fiend, or just simply a list of all the things on our mind, it is a helpful tool to get what needs to be released off your mind, and make way for what really deserves your time and attention!


I hope you all enjoyed these 5 Healthy Habit Swaps!

I would love to hear some healthy habit alternatives that you all implement into your everyday lives & if you give any of these a try, let me know in the comments!


Celina 😊

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