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Let That Shit Go: Starting the New Season Off Right

Sometimes in life we find ourselves becoming part of the all too familiar spiral of negative emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

In these times, it feels like there is no way out, and that we will only dig ourselves into a deeper hole if we continue that route.

I have found myself victim of this negative thought spiral before, however today, I wanted to share with you how I began shifting my reality, and overwriting this obstructive mindset using the practice of Letting Go.

So, if you are truly ready to finally release all that has been holding you back from reaching your highest potential, stick around to learn how to, Let That Shit Go.


When learning how to release hold habits, thoughts, and patterns in your life, it is vital to first accept them as reality. Which of course is easier said than done.

But by accepting where you are and how you feel at the given time and moment, you will then be able to see things clearer, rather than through the eyes of the emotions themselves.

Separate the experience and how it made you feel by creating two lists.

Cause and effect.

The cause is the event that took place, and the effect is how you felt after the fact.

Once you have that written down, and out in the open, you are now ready to begin the true transformation process!

In order to explore this process, I wanted to break the practice of letting go into six distinct categories, to delve deeper into a multitude of different scenarios one might have to use this skill for.

So, lets get to letting go!

Category One: People

This one might be one of the hardest subjects to touch upon in conjunction with the idea of letting go, however, it is one of the most common scenarios I have encountered.

There is this all-familiar saying that some people are only meant to be in our lives, for certain periods of time. However, when we love someone, whether that relationship be a platonic, or romantic one, it often becomes harder to let that person go even if we understand that the connection is no longer serving either party at hand.

Meaning, it becomes harder to make the final decision to release your tight grip on that person.

Rather than abruptly breaking up with them or avoiding them at all costs, if you truly feel that you and the person at hand are only bringing each other down, or have utterly lost touch with one another, and are moving in two completely different directions, it is important that you let them go, with love and kindness.

Respect their boundaries as well as yours, while expressing to them how you have been feeling, and give them the time to handle their own emotions as well.

This might mean that you and this person will not be on the best terms for a little while, but overall, it will be worth it, having the understanding that this was the best for each of you, and now you both can both grow & prosper forth!

Category Two: Objects & Memories

Memories will be included later down the list as well, however, I first wanted to touch upon the dynamic between objects and the memories we hold in connection to these things.

Because memories often have such a profound effect on the human brain, triggering emotions, whether they are good or bad, and almost seemingly have enough power to bring you back in time, it is important to let go of the things that remind you of times when you felt something other than your best.

Meaning, that if you tie old memories of hate, anger, and frustration with a specific object you still hold onto, it might be time to let go of it.

This does not mean that you must get rid of everything & anything that reminds you of someone else or something else that might not have happened during your highest moment in life, but it is important to let go of the things that you tie with strong negative emotions.

You can also let these things go in a multiple of ways, from donating them, selling them, or simply just throwing in the recycling.

Category Three: Memories & Feelings

Just like I mentioned, memories have once again returned.

Much like the previous category, memories that you hold negative feelings towards are usually the ones that we need to shed off our backs.

I understand that memories cannot be erased, however, it is truly about forgiving and not forgetting.

Releasing those emotions that you have attached with those memories, by again creating the aforementioned cause and effect. In turn, breaking down the ties you have set between emotions and memories, for you might remember something different than someone else has, as to them it might be a great memory, and to you, it is one of your lowest moments.

Regardless, by truly seeing the moment for what it was, rather than letting it become skewed by how you felt at the time, you will be able to begin to move on from things that have been holding you back, for you no longer feel the need to relive the bad experience, and instead find yourself looking to create better ones!

Category Four: Emotions

The hardest of them all, in my personal opinion!

As emotions can become our jailer if we give them the power. But know that this is simply a choice that you have the power to decide.

So, decide that you will no longer be a victim to how you are feeling, and begin to distinguish yourself away from your emotions and thoughts.

If you find yourself feeling down, or angry, say, “I am feeling angry,” rather than, “I am angry,”

For you are not your emotions or thoughts and they are not you!

Category Five: Control

Another seemingly difficult but altogether worth it obstacle to face!

For someone like me who loves to make plans and dedicates time to work out schedules for their daily life, it can be hard to accept that sometimes life does not go the way we plan it to!

That does not mean that we must stop trying to plan of things in advanced.

Simply, it means we must create our plans with the idea in mind that they might change, therefore, becoming flexible in our daily lives.

Along with this idea of letting go of control, there is also the external portion.

Meaning, that we must grow to understand that even if we try to plan out our own lives, we cannot try to plan out others lives and reactions.

We must learn to accept that others will not always have the reactions or be the person we picture or hope them to be, and rather than being disappointed, angry, or hurt, we have to accept their feelings, rather than trying to change them.

If it helps, create two lists, one of what you wanted to happen, and the other of what happened instead, and come to terms with this by reminding yourself that even if it didn’t play out like the perfect performance, it is now in the past, therefore we cannot change it.

All we can do, is move on.

Category 6: Expectations

Last, but not least, expectations. This is broad idea that I believe ties in with each of the categories mentioned before.

For the downfall of our own plans, happiness, and success is setting expectations.


Because plainly, life does not happen the way we picture, and even if we create goals and reach them, it will not ever play out exactly the way we imagined.

In fact it could play out even better than we had ever hoped!

So, by setting expectations we not only open the door to disappointment, but we also close the door to abundance by becoming so narrow minded about what we want and how it must happened.

What do we do instead of making expectations?

Act, become flexible in our daily lives, forgive, & trust, my dear friends, that everything will work out in the end.

For what is meant for you, will not escape you!


With that being said, I waned to close with this final statement:

I understand letting go of each one of these concepts & subjects is not an easy task.

It will take time, effort, and lots of scratching of that record.

But the more you push forward, and the more you release, the more you will begin to see that not only does it get easier with time, but in time you will being to ask yourself, why you had not let go of it sooner!


Lastly, if you have devised your own methods of letting go, I'd love to hear them in the comments!


Celina 🤍

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