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Motivational Mornings

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, you could say that they have me totally convinced!

For me, it is not only breakfast that sets the tone of the day. It is the habits, and routines I have put into place during my mornings, that really make the biggest difference.

So, I wanted to share with you what a morning of mine consists of, and why & how spending the mornings the way I do, has changed my life for the better!

Here it goes!


8:30 AM - Wake Up

This is the time that I like to take to get my motor running for the day ahead. This includes, making my bed each and every morning, doing some quick toe touches, brushing my teeth, and tidying any little things around the house that are low maintenance, but out of place.

9:00 AM – Work Out

I do not work out every day, but I do like to keep somewhat of a schedule for my morning workouts. Four times a week, focusing on the exercises that I enjoy & that challenge me to work harder and really focus on the aspect of mind and body connection, which is often lost in translation these days.

For me, weight training & yoga have become my go-to's, but I do like to try and spice things but once in a while, by trying something entirely new!

9:45 – 10:00 AM – Breakfast

Depending on the day and what exercise I have planned, the time it takes for me to complete the workout often varies. However, by 10 am, I am usually in the kitchen with my chefs’ hat & apron ready to go & start the day off with a nutritious & delicious breakfast!

I love trying out new recipes for the morning, so what I eat really depends on what I have available, but I try to stick with the simple idea of focusing on whole foods like fruits & vegetables, and getting a good balance of fats, carbs, and proteins in my diet.

I also make sure to take my vitamins and any other supplements I may need for the day, at this time.

During this time however, I do make sure to keep my phone and any other electronics at bay, so I can really focus on enjoying the food and moment at hand.

11:00 AM – Journaling & Blogging

After breakfast is taken care of, I like to sit down and complete my first journal of the day! You can check out a detailed description of what this journal entails in my latest post, however, to give you an idea, this journal helps to reflect on what I am feeling at the given moment, and what direction I want my day to head it.

This is followed by a trip to my workstation, aka, my sanctuary with calming string lights & plants about, to write my daily blog entry of the day. No matter how unmotivated or uninspired I may feel in a given morning, starting the day off with even the simplest of blog entries, helps me, not only create content for this very blog, but also helps me home in on what topics and ideas I want to cover for the day.

11:30 – 12:00 AM – Getting Ready

Once all of this is said and down, I finally take the chance to get ready for the day, even if I have no pre-planned activities that require me to leave my humble abode.

For me, getting ready entails, doing my hair, getting dressed, putting on some makeup if I so choose, and of course the occasional choreographed dance routine I indulge in while getting myself together.

This has not only helped me boost my mood for the day, but I find that by getting up, getting ready, and putting on my best face for each and every day, I feel satisfied, satiated, and somewhat productive no matter what direction the day follows.


So, there we have it folks, my very own morning routine!

Feel free to share what your daily morning routine entails in the comments & make sure to share this with anyone who you know is in need of a little structure for their mornings!


Celina 💕

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