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One Thing You Love

In these past two weeks, I have found the joy and abundance that comes with being present in each moment and finding the flow in everyday life.

Something that has helped me cultivate this sense of being has been the addition of my newest habit.

Doing one thing everyday, no matter what it is, that I enjoy.

Each day, this thing can vary from an activity or project I pick up simply because I want to.

Some days that looks like free writing a journal entry before bed, and others its the act of steaming up some warm milk for a decadent cup of tea in the early morning.

No matter how small the action is, I have found that it has changed my pace in life & my presence.

For, stopping in the middle of the day, and taking the time out to do something for myself, has opened the door to truly being in each moment that I'm living. It pulls me into the moment, feeling, hearing, touching, and really tasting every single second that goes by.

So, I'd like to challenge you all to do the same, starting today!

Pick one thing a day, for a week or so, that you would like to do for yourself, and get it done! Making sure to do it with purpose, love and intention.

Intention to give back to yourself, to love yourself, and to truly feel what its like to be alive!


Celina 💕

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