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Put Your Records On

Records are fragile, but they can be forever changed with just the scratch of a needle.

That is the idea that my father taught me.

To think of your mind as a record. Not in the sense that it is fragile, but in the sense that your thoughts are not permanent. Only temporary clouds moving along in the sky of your subconscious.

However, those clouds sometimes become uninvited guests to the dinner table on one-to-many occasions, which can spiral out of control very quickly.

Like the beginning of a panic attack where your mind spirals deeper down into a destructive thought pattern of worry, what ifs, and all the bad things that could happen to you in that very moment, as your hands, and body being shaking and perspiring beyond belief. Only, these thoughts, and this panic, happening all the time, sometimes even daily.

That’s when the record should be scratched.

Think of it like this, you are playing your favorite song on repeat for a month straight. After a while the tune becomes so embedded within your mind that you no longer have the capacity to enjoy it or find something new to take from it.

You might find yourself avoiding this song or neglecting to play it whatsoever. But the song is still there, and its still in your mind.

To get this song out, you play another song, one that pulls at your heart strings and gives you something else to focus on.

That is the same idea with scratching the record.

Scratching or overriding the negative thought patterns in your mind with ones that serve you and you wellbeing.

Going from, “I am hurt and broken,” to, “I have lived and learned.”

Or from, “I will love myself and treat myself with respect when I reach my goal weight,” to “I love and respect myself now, and I will continue to do so even after I have reached my goal weight.”

By doing so, you change the narrative or the story and often change your standpoint from the antagonist to the protagonist.

No longer in shackles to your emotions or thoughts, and rather being in control and aware of them and how they affect you.

Therefore, having the power to learn, grow, and move on from them.


If you are up for the challenge, try rewriting your own negative thought patterns in the comments below, writing what you would normally tell yourself, and then changing the words on their heads, to put the power back in your hands. And as always, feel free to share this post with anyone who needs to put those good records on, and get into the groove.


Celina 🤍

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