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Sharing is Caring

Have you ever heard the saying, “Sharing is caring?”

Chances are, you have.

It is a simple yet endearing response that most of us have received growing up.

It used to be thrown around as a means to get children to live amongst each other peacefully, especially in times when supplies were limited.

However, as I got older, I began to understand the true meaning behind this saying.

Let me explain.

Within the Human Condition, there is a want, a need to share. Share our experiences, stories, and life with one another. And whether you share some juicy gossip you heard in the bathroom to your friend, or you share a smile with a silent stranger, we often tend to share more frequently than we even notice.

For me, this need to share has stretched beyond the normal, day to day sharing occurrences. It is my understanding, and my belief, that my true purpose in life is to share.

Share what I have learned from all the trials, and tribulations I have gone through in these past years.

If not only to get the story onto paper for my own wellbeing, sharing these events and experiences with others, help me connect and relate to people on another level.

It is by sharing, that we are able to understand each other, therefore, our communication and relationships blossom into something deeper, something more.

This something more, not only helps shape us, but it also changes the people around us.

For, you never know who might need to hear your story of overcoming an uphill battle, or who might just need a good laugh that day.

So, when it comes to the people you love, and the ones you feel compelled to know, by exchanging with them even the simplest of nods, you not only give to the world, but you get just what you gave back.


Feel free to share what what you think in the comments & make sure to share this with anyone who might need a little friendly reminder!


Celina 💕

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