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Stuck In A Rut?

Have you found yourself 6 feet deep in a pile of work, and no matter how hard you try to knock your assignments out of the way, the weight on your shoulders only seems to get heavier and heavier?

Chances are, you have been in this given situation a couple times throughout your life.

Some like categorize it as a work “rut” while others just brush it off with a sigh, exclaiming they are just, “busy”

However, this idea of a rut does not only happen in the workplace or at school. It can happen to your creativity, coined the term, “writer’s block,” or in your own journey of self-growth, deemed a plateau where you no longer see progress whether it is physical or mental.

All of which I have had my fair share of experiencing.

So, with that being said, today I wanted to share with your ways that I have battled through this so-called rut or busy stage of life, to find balance, peace, and efficiency once again.

Step 1

Whenever I find myself in a rut, I first like to take a step back and find a quiet place to center. This might not be as easy as it seems, as deadlines, and time restraints hang over our minds even when we try to get away from all the noise, however it is the second most important step.

Taking a step back, gives you the chance to figure how you are feeling, why you feel that way, and what is going on.

Once you have found a place of calm, through your own little mind meditation, take look at the situation at hand, and ask yourself these questions.

What is happening, why is it happening, and what did you want to happen?

Step 2

After you begin to understand what went “wrong” or why you have been digging yourself deeper down into this hole of never-ending frustration, it is a good time to remember what brought you here.

What were your original intentions, or what did you set out to accomplish? Did you reach that goal? Or lose it along the way?

Step 3

Now you will find yourself with a well-drawn out plot diagram of the very start of your journey, and the present, the future which is in your hands.

Remember, that no matter how much planning you do, not everything will play out exactly the way you see it in your head


Its important to sit back once again, with all the knowledge that you have collected, and start to plan your next move.

Is there a new strategy you want to try, whether it’s a time management strategy, efficiency strategy or notebook to keep all your ideas, progress and findings organized and ready for when you find yourself in a position like this again?

Either way, by having a flexible strategy to focus on, and a purpose behind what you are striving to achieve, you will begin to find new ground and a new perspective.

Step 4

The last step, is the most important step of all!

Trust. Trusting yourself and your intuition.

I know not everyone has a strong “gut feeling" when it comes to the smallest of everyday scenarios, but by listening to how things make you feel, what direction you feel yourself leaning towards and what your path ahead looks like, you raise your chances of heading down a more stable and most authentic path for yourself and your goals.

Now, it's time to put it all together & take action!


If you are looking for a more in-depth guide to follow, to simply get out of a rut, or you are in need to advice to help yourself realign with your goals, wants, and needs, feel free to contact me, and we can get working on a specific plan just for you!

As always, feel free to share with post with anyone in need of a little reboot!


Celina 🤍

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