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The External: Higher Self Series Part 1

“Visualize your higher self, and start showing up as her”

I’m not entirely sure if this will be a series or compilation of entries regarding the idea of the Higher Self, however, I wanted to start this entry off with an introduction to the idea of showing up as your higher self, and what exactly that means & looks like.

The Higher Self reflects the image you create in your mind of what the best possible version of you looks, acts and feels like.

How does she/he talk? What do they wear? How do they present themselves? And what do they look like?

All questions that help us get down to the nitty gritty details of what we imagine this version of ourselves to embody.

However, it is important to note that this version of ourselves, is still us at the very core.

Still the beautiful soul sitting behind the screen, reading this article now, only with heightened abilities, knowledge, wisdom, and a firm understating of thy self. As striving to become someone other than who you truly are at your core, is not the idea or intention behind this Higher Self.

The true intention, is to see this best version of ourselves and use that as a catalyst to take action & strive towards turning this vision into reality. Because as you may all know now, manifestation does not occur without action!

With this prior knowledge in mind, today I wanted to dive deeper into this image of ones best self and explore more of the physical aspects of this concept.

So, let's get into it!

The External

If you have read my previous post about beauty standards and how to acquire your own unique take on beauty within your life, you will already have the understanding that beauty is not a one size fits all concept.

It is within all of us to acquire beauty, however, that meaning of beauty differs from person to person.

I bring this idea of beauty up when exploring the Higher Self, because the idea of change and growth is often first seen & acquired by changing the environment that which you inhabit.

I do touch upon this idea of the external world around us in another post on this blog however, today we are talking of the environment around us, in regards to the external body.

The color of your hair, your height, the clothes you wear, how you wear them, & all the other visual characteristics that which you embody.

Again, I am not talking about the characteristics that which you cannot change, like the color of your skin, or length of you bones.

I am specifically talking about the characteristics you can change about yourself as often as you’d like.

With these characteristics in mind, it’s important to ask yourself, what your higher self would like look. Does she have shorter hair? Does she wear suits instead of dresses, or does she stand tall with her shoulders and spine straight and erect, rather than slouching?

Taking note of these traits, will in turn help you determine what it is that you need to strive towards to achieve that external look of your higher self.

Stepping into her shoes, and truly feeling like the powerful woman she is.

However, this is merely one step towards becoming her.

As no amount of makeup, high fashion outfits or drastic external changes can truly help you step into your higher self alone!

But it is still an important step towards becoming your best self, so don't panic! As, in my own experience I have learned that by physically showing up as my best self, I found a new sense of confidence, and determination to embody her from the inside out!

And as they say, showing up as her, even on the just the physical sense of the word, is one step forward!


Stay tuned for more entries, exploring all other aspects of how to step into your Higher Self, & let me know if the comments below what you think it takes to create this version of yourself right before your very own eyes!


Celina 🌱

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