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Trading Spaces

What makes a Space? Is it the size, color, or dimensions? Or is it what you make of it?

The items, and décor you decide to dress it up with?

The way I see it, is that a room is the mere skeleton of the mind. Which you then have the choice of creating into a space that you envision.

I like to incorporate this idea whenever I'm in need of a change in environment aka a good Feng Shui.

So, here are a few steps I take every time I need a little mix up in the environments and atmosphere around me, to not only light my spirits but give me piece of mind. For when a room is tidy, the mind follows.


The first thing I like to do, is start my research & brainstorming, often creating boards on Pinterest, of what kind of atmosphere or tone I would like to achieve with the given room I am in.

Do I want the room to feel romantic & dreamy, or do I want more of a modern & minimalist vibe?


From here, I like to take a good look at the given space around me. What colors make up the room, and what type of furniture does it wear?

I take note of how each aspect of the room makes me feel.

Is the gray of the room too overbearing? Or does the lack of natural lighting make me feel drained?

These things are important to note as they will be the guide to giving the space a new look.

Wants & Needs

Next, I start creating a new list, along with the previous catalogue of all the things in the given space already. This new list containing all the possible additions that can be added to the space to help achieve whatever look I am going for.

I understand that buying a whole new set of furniture from bed posts, to throws and pillows, is not the most budget friendly way to create a new space out of an old one, however, I do like to change up the atmosphere with the items I decide to put in the forefront of a given space.

But, at this stage, I let my mind run free, not limiting myself to what my budget can handle over what will bring me ultimate joy and comfort.


Now would be the time that I step back and assess the room once again. However, this time, with the vision board from the brainstorm stage in one hand, and my two compiled list from the other previous stages in the other.

Here I really listen to the room, and make decisions that will not only create the vibrations I am looking for, but that also won’t break the bank.

This is when prioritizing comes into play. For instance, ask yourself things like, do I really need new silk bedsheets, or could I invert the sheets I already have to stimulate the eyes without spending a fortune?

Buying Time

Now that the hardest part is over! Here is where the fun begins! But doesn’t end just yet!

This is the stage where you begin researching where you can find the items you need to style up your room, making sure to take the time and way your options regarding price and quality, as well as if they fit your vision sufficiently.

Once you have made your final decisions, its time to buy those new pieces & update those old ones!

All together now

Lastly, but not least! Here is where you can pit it all together!

When the pieces finally arrive, you can begin to set your brainstorm in motion and really put together the space you have been working towards creating.

Sometimes changes occur along the way as you might realize a rug is smaller than you had anticipated or the size of a bookshelf is a bit off, but this is where trial and error comes into play.

Be open to creating new ideas to salvage your vision as well as your sanity, and take your time, trying different styles and moving things around to get them just where it feels that they need to be.


You have now created a space of your very own! One you can find solace, inspiration and hopefully piece of mind!


Let me know some of your favorite ways to change up and old space in the comments! And as always, feel free to share this post with anyone who needs a little Feng Shui in their lives!



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