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Try, Try, Try, Until

On this blog, I discuss a lot of different ways to become your most authentic self and how to cultivate your most authentic life as well.

Along the way to unrevealing these concepts for myself I found myself asking once again, at the age of 19, what I wanted to do when I got older.

Which, I understand isn’t as drastic as it might seem, because some of you may be a bit older than me, and still finding yourself wondering the same question.

But I am here to tell you that’s okay… well, that is, if you do something about it.


There are two ways that I have gone about figuring out who I want to be when I reach my fullest potential so to say, and although my focus for this post today I will be the latter of the two, I wanted to touch upon the first.

This first strategy will not be the main topic of today's discussion simply, because it works only on a case-to-case basis.

Try, Try, Try, Until….

I like to call this method, Try, Try, Try, Until…. which is inspired by my father, who has pushed me to not only chase my dreams, but to put them to action as well.

Think about what you were like as a child; Were you silly? Playful? Crying all the time, or a complete troublemaker?

How would your parents describe you growing up, and what are some of their fondest memories of you throughout your childhood?

Chances are, one of these memories will revolve around an activity you partook in as a child, that you really enjoyed above all else.

If so, this could be the start of something!

For, when you take an early interest in a certain hobby or activity, it is simply because it is within you to make something more out of it.

So, I would recommend starting from here, if you are completely at a loss for what enjoy now, as an adult.


Now, here’s the fun part!

Strategy two can be assisted by the first in some cases, so hold your horses before you throw away any of your newfound discoveries from the first half of this article.

Often as children, we are surrounded with an array of different activities that give us both satisfaction and stimulation of the mind.

So, even if there was not one single thing in particular that you enjoyed as a child above all else, think of the things you did enjoy.

Create a list of all the things you enjoyed, in whatever order you’d like, whether it be from least favorite to most, or alphabetically. Either way, get creative and let your brain go to work, remembering all the little things that you enjoyed indulging in as a youngster.


I only suggest this if you fear that your list is too broad and way too long but start to think of the things you once enjoyed that you know FOR SURE that you have grown out of. Like, throwing spit balls, or tepeeing people's houses, for example, but even these things could spark new ideas, with far less consequences.


Once you have that list, I’d suggest starting off with something right smack in the middle, that is, if you didn’t organize the list in case of importance. But even if you did, its still worth a try.

Either way, pick one thing, blindly, and ask yourself, taking no longer than 3 seconds to answer this question, could you see yourself enjoying this in your life now?

Remember, take no more & no less than three minutes, or else you will begin to open the opportunity for worry or bias to roam freely in your head, killing any true feelings you have towards the subject at hand.

Once you have picked, and answered, make as my father likes to call it, a pimp decision.

Which again includes one of two options.

Search & Act

Begin searching for classes, online, or in person, clubs, schools, internships, and any opportunity you can find within your chosen subject.

This will allow you, not only to explore the subject from a broad approach, but will give you a taste of the kinds of things you’d be doing if this became your chosen profession. Which in the end will help determine if this is what you would like to do for a living.

This method coined, Action! was inspired by a combination of, a video I stumbled upon while trying to find the answer to this very question myself, titled, “How to Actually Follow Your Passion,” by Struthless on YouTube, which I highly recommend watching & checking out, and through the knowledge my father has coined for himself through his own study of the likes of Seth Godin.

It entails you to begin hatching out a plan on how you can begin a career in your chosen field.

Say you want to be a blogger for example, put some time aside to research what you need to do to get a blog started, and how to begin writing your first post.

But above all! Take action!

If you want to be a writer, write, if you want to be a singer, sing, if you want to be a dancer, dance, and use that material and those actions to showcase your talent to world, no matter how bad it might be.

As my greatest teacher always says, if you are a professional you step into your office every day, no matter what that looks like, and you put in your work, no matter how bad, or godawful the result may be, action, is most important of all.


To close, I wanted to send you off on this final note. A reminder that not everything will work out, but that it doesn’t have to! Even your failures help you get to the place that you want & need to be, and just like that old saying goes, you must fail 1 thousand times, before you find the method that works best for you. So, try my loves, try, try, try, until! But never, stop trying.


Feel free to share some of the cool ideas, and passions you uncovered about yourself in the comments below & and as always, I’d be so thankful if you’d share this with anyone who needs help getting their foot in the door and out their bed! Thanks!


Celina 🤍

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