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Two Journals A Day

When you hear the term, journaling, what ideas come to mind?

Do you often think about bullet journals, with markers, pens, and stickers of all shapes colors, and sizes, along with the dedication, organization, and time management that seems to go with it?

Well, if all of that terrifies you deep down, to your bones, you would not be the only one.

See, I love organization, and try my best to keep as organized and to the plan as I possibly can. But even as someone who is known to be a control freak, I have found it hard to keep a journal like this without getting terribly stressed out and over worked.

So, if you find yourself feeling the same way, you are in luck, because I am going to share with you the strategy that I utilized to keep up with the habit of journaling, without making it feel as overwhelming or taxing, and instead turning it into an experience that is not only enjoyable, but life giving.


The strategy is simply, to keep two separate journals.

I know, it may sound counterintuitive, but let me explain!

I keep two journals every day. One for the mornings, and the other I use in the evening.

My journal for the mornings always starts with five simple questions.

  1. What are my intentions for the day?

  2. What are my intentions for the week?

  3. How am I currently feeling

  4. How do I want to feel today/this week?

  5. What must I release in order to feel this way?

  6. Followed by affirmations.

Although it may seem to feel repetitive or overwhelming, by starting each day with these five questions, I have discovered that it does not feel that way at all!

In fact, I find that by keeping it simple, and being as honest as I can be, it feels as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can go through my day, achieving the things I had set out to achieve, without anything holding me back!

The second journal is almost like a mind dump, but I would not call it a dumb per say, almost like, my best friend.

Here, I free write at the end of the day, about whatever is on my mind.

  • What I learned that day

  • How that given day went

  • My emotions at the time

Or anything else that is on my mind, literally, holding nothing back.

At the end of each and every day’s journal, I close with a moment of gratitude.

Thanking the Universe, God, or whoever you would like to thank, for the day, what it brought, and anything else you want to take a moment and pay homage to.

With these two journaling systems, I not only feel in control, but I have learned how to keep a balance of be honest with myself about where I am in life, what I truly want and how to get there, and I am finally able to freely speak my mind.

Things that only so many of us realize that we can have, but fail to even strive towards.


For more tips, tricks & advice, check out the blog page!

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