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When to start, if not now?

Today, I wanted to talk about my why.

My purpose and my intentions for this very blog, and business.

This idea of a blog first came to me, about a year ago. I knew that I loved writing, as it was something I found myself doing at any minute of any given day.

However, I was afraid of losing my creative spark if I used this skill to get high demand information out to the world.

At the beginning, this is what had held me back from fully stepping into the role that I now own and fill.

And I don’t think there will ever be a better time for me to share what I have learned, than now, as I can finally sit back and see the work I have put in place, come into fruition, and help me build the life that I saw for myself.

So, the first step to discovering or perhaps understanding why I do what I do, is to discuss what how it all started.

The Beginning

For me, this blog is a means of reaching out, or sharing so to speak, all the things that I have learned on my own personal journey of self-development.

By self-development I mean, flipping my life around on a complete 180 axis, growing from the girl I started out as 2 years ago - apprehensive, timid, but so very ambitious - to the woman that I see when I stand in front of the mirror now, confident, advantageous, and humble.

To do this, to create this new self-identity, I had to work on the main Five Dimensions of Personal Health:

Spirituality, emotional wellbeing, social life, intellectuality, and the physical realm.

Each one, bringing me further and further down the path to becoming the best version of myself, the version that stands in front of you today.

So, as I unpack all that I have learned, I intend to show you how I reached this level so to speak in life, through exploring exercises, ideas, concepts, teachings, and mindsets that touch upon each or all of the five dimensions.

Practices In Play

You may be asking, how can this help me? Or rather what exactly I can provide for you ?

Well, I can provide you with the tools, the exercises, and the ideas that I used to cultivate a better quality of life, which you then can take on, and implement into your everyday life, to aid you on your very own journey.

But you must stick me on this bumpy road, if you want to live a life full of productivity, happiness, and abundance, for each of these things are not hard to achieve, but require work, focus, and a little bit of belief.

To give you a little taste of what you can expect here on out from this blog, and myself, I wanted to illustrate in a quick rundown of how I reached a higher vibration in life, using the five dimensions.


I physically changed my life in the past 2 years, by changing my relationship with food, exercise, nutrition, and my body.

I slowly but surely implemented exercise as a means of self-love and pure movement to get my body in better shape and enjoy the experience while doing so.

Simultaneous, I began to pay more attention to the quality of the foods that I put into my body, and rather treating food as fuel and nourishment, than as a fulltime hobby.

The last step was accepting who I was, what I looked like, and my body for all its beautiful, wonderful, naked glory; Loving it, for giving me a place to call home.


Emotionally, I unpacked all the past traumas, regrets, and feelings I had never fully let go, through meditation, therapy, and journaling.

Finding connections, growing in understanding, forgiving, and then appreciating everything that had ever occurred in my life, seeing those past events now, as steppingstones in life that I needed to grow from to be the person I am today, rather than chains holding me back from reaching my full protentional.


Intellectually, I challenged myself to learn and to grow, by joining in on activities and things out of my comfort zone and learning to find peace even in the most uncomfortable situations.

I sought after challenge rather than accepting the falsehood that I already knew everything there was to know, and now still, I push to know more, and always ask the questions I am much too afraid to know the answers to.


Spiritually, I studied, researched, and opened my eyes to religions of all backgrounds, exploring their similarities, and differences.

Combining, what resonated with me, by turning into myself through meditative practices, and unboxing uncomfortable emotions, to build an understanding of my own beliefs, and ideas.


Last, but not least socially.

I opened my heart, soul, body, and mind, to the people around me, and began to unpack the relationships I had previously had, and the ones still ongoing, to understand my role in each of them.

To learn what type of friend I was, what kind of lover I was, and how I existed among others and myself.

I began to let go of past fears, and accept my emotions as they were, no longer holding back on how I felt and what I wished to express to others, opening the door to strengthening existing relationships, and moving on from ones that no longer served me or the other party.

Most importantly, growing in understanding, and respect for myself, my boundaries, and my wellbeing above all else, so that I could be the best version myself for the not only myself, but for the ones that I hold dear.


To send you off, I wanted to leave on a note of gratitude. I thank each and every one of you for being here and taking the time to hear me out. There is so much more in life to learn and grown from and I hope that you will stick around to learn & grow with me!


Celina 🌱

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